Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company Housing Ad

  • YS&T Chief Field Engineer YHC MSS 0019 Collection

The Youngstown Sheet & Tube Company provided many jobs in the Mahoning Valley. During 1916, local steel workers rioted against unfair living and working conditions. The result was a devastated business district in East Youngstown, an area that became the city of Campbell in 1926. The vicinity suffered more than one million dollars in damage. In an attempt to appease its workforce so they would continue to produce steel for Europe, then embroiled in World War I, YST began to develop worker housing to meet a pressing need.

YST established the Buckeye Land Company in 1917 which purchased land, erected homes, and rented or sold them to YST employees. Not only were homes built but the company created neighborhood communities where the employees felt a sense of belonging through creation of schools and parks.

Within a few years of its establishment, the BLC had created three separate neighborhoods which were planned for certain types of residents. Blackburn Plat, located in Campbell, was a subdivision that rented to workers. Highview Plat was the second of the three housing areas offered to YST employees. The homes were larger than those found in Blackburn plat and could be rented or bought. Loveland Farms Plat was the most exclusive of the three YST neighborhoods designed for sale to skilled workmen, foremen and superintendents who were white and American born.

More YST advertisements can be found in the YST Bulletin Collection, digitized on Ohio Memory.

Steel Bar Advertising Examples

This is an advertising photograph used to show the different shapes and sizes of steel bars that the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company was capable of producing, serving as a physical catalog of sorts.

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