Artifacts and Donations

Brass steam whistle

A variety of tools from various industries; steam whistles, wheelbarrows, etc.

Brass chauffeur badge from Ohio, denoting an expiration date of September 30, 1938

A variety of collectible items marked by steel company or union names; buttons, badges, drinking glasses, Zippo lighters, etc.

Artwork of an industrial scene

Variety of artwork relating to industry in the Mahoning Valley.

Photograph at Gate 3 of U.S. Steel's Ohio Works plant, of a large sign that reads "IF YOU LEAVE SAFETY BEHIND YOU HAVE DANGER AHEAD"

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A heat-resistant orange jacket with two black stripes down the right side; a patch on the left breast states "CREW AWARD" and "V. Zona" is embroidered on the bottom left hem.

A steel worker's "uniform" often included a variety of gear intended to enhance safety, but were also acquired as gifts due to productive achievements and retirements.

Photograph of workers pouring molten steel into ingot molds

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Advertisement flier for The Buckeye Land Company of Youngstown, Ohio

Various advertisements released by steel companies, housing companies, etc. in Youngstown and the surrounding region.

Political cartoon depicting a man and woman having a discussion on a hilltop above the city

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